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Chemical Splash In The Eye




Accidents are always uncertain in the nature; we have knowledge of the road accidents, fall downs, drowning, etc. but sometimes something unusual, say for example, some liquid goes into your beautiful eyes. If it is water, doesnít matter, but if it is indeed, a chemical like some acid or strong base, then it can cause severe damage to your eyes.

There are many chemicals which can splash in your eyes and damage them. The entire very best thing you can do is to avoid such accidents; this clearly means that if you are engaged in some chemicals factory as an employee, you can protect your eyes using the protective devices such as quality goggles or eye specs.

Next you always need to be careful enough while handling any chemicals even when you are at home.

This was all about the preventive aspect; but what if, the chemical has already splashed into your eye?

First aid for the chemical splash in the eye:

You may follow certain steps as below, that is, what we call the primary or the first aid management:

Immediately flush off your eyes with plenty of water for about 15-20 minutes either with shower or under the running tap water.

Clean your hands with soap and water to remove any chemical from the hands.

Remove off the contact lenses, if worn.

Consult a physician in emergency; seek medical help immediately, if needed.

Some doníts:

Never rub your eyes when chemicals gst spilled in your eyes as it will further damage
your eyes.

Avoid instilling any eye medications without doctorís prescription.